Perpetual Wellbeing
Fitness Centre

An exclusive and unique results driven fitness centre with fully equipped studios offering private, semi-private and small group personal training within its luxury surroundings.

Weight Loss

Shape & Tone

Injury & Rehab

Strength & Fitness

A team of expert personal trainers producing amazing results from one to one and group personal training, with huge weight losses and great improvements in body shape, tone, fitness and strength.


Weight Loss

Shape & Tone

Injury & Rehab

Strength & Fitness

“If you hate the thought of going to the gym, feel intimidated by other users and lack the confidence to know what to do when you get there Perpetual Wellbeing Fitness Centre is perfect for you.

There is no where else quite like Perpetual Wellbeing’s luxury appointment only studio’s offering a  safe, comfortable, private and personal environment.

Our expert team will assess your lifestyle, abilities and potential, creating a ‘personal to you’ one to one results driven program and tailor the group workouts to suit each individuals abilities.

Our unique combination of physical training, mindset coaching and nutrition advice will make you feel more confident in, and out of your clothes, giving you the opportunity to reach your goals and realise your dreams.

Perpetual Wellbeing’s Online App helps you to stay on track in between studio visits! Full online support at home, in the gym, on holiday, where ever you are!

Our small group training, private & semi-private personal training and coaching is for those who really want to achieve results whether you want to lose weight, change shape, kick-start your fitness journey or just fancy something new and challenging!”

Petra Boddington

Founder and Director of Perpetual Wellbeing
Master Personal Trainer & Coach

4 shots off my handicap

Ian, 50’s – Redditch

Since joining Petra my swing has becoming really smooth with a full shoulder turn and 4 shots off my handicap!

Ian Fitzpatrick
Petra Boddington, Master Personal Trainer

Outdoor Obstacle Bootcamp

Getting fit in the great outdoors is a sociable, fun and challenging way to exercise.

Perpetual Wellbeing Obstacle Bootcamp incorporates outdoor fitness training, strength and conditioning, cardiovascular and circuit training, plus all the fun of an obstacle course.

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