Perpetual Wellbeing’s boutique style studio is like your own private gym! There are no other users whilst you are training in our closed door, personal, private and intimate surroundings.

Without tv’s, music, and other distractions, you and your trainer create a unique dynamic allowing you to be 100% focused on reaching your goals and increasing your confidence in a non-intimidating environment.

Your master personal trainer has years of experience and qualifications above the ‘normal’ spectrum of personal trainers, therefore reducing the risk of injury, encouraging great technique and achieving results as quickly as possible.

An initial consultation must be conducted in order for your program to fit your needs and fulfill your requirements, leading to the results you desire.


Initial Consultation (Fully refundable with first package)

  • Approx 1 hour £49

Monthly Subscription (Minimum subscription 3 months)

  • 4 sessions   £249.00
  • 8 sessions   £449.00
  • 12 sessions £649.00
  • Free Guide

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