Here at Perpetual Wellbeing, we understand how injuries in the lower back, shoulders, hips and joints can knock your confidence and make movement a very scary thought. Yet, usually the best thing for your rehabilitation is to do exactly that…move!

Together, with permission from your medical team, we will design the right program for YOU.

Every injury is different, and each person is affected in their own way. Our specialist personal trainers address circumstances outside the realm of standard personal training such as joint injuries, post-op rehab, lower back pain, or just to help maintain or improve fitness, flexibility and mobility in ‘later years’. Life does not have to be sedentary or confining. Regular exercise can boost energy, help balance, and improve confidence. So whether your focus is to continue the weekly jog, improve your swing, backhand, front crawl or simply to keep up with the kids and grand-kids, our highly experienced trainers can tailor a program specifically for you.

If you would like help to manage Lower Back Pain, Aching Joints or just want to be more Mobile & Flexible then book a consultation.



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