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    Clever tips for a lighter Christmas dinner

    Clever tips for a lighter Christmas dinner, with all the trimmings

    With the average Christmas Day dinner weighing in at 7,000 caloriesIt’s no wonder most of us feeling as rotund as Santa by the time we go to bed!
    Here are our top 10 tips for a (slightly) lighter Christmas dinner without skimping on the trimmings!

    For Starters go for a clear soup, melon, or smoked salmon (but mind the dressing!).

    Fill up on vegetables. Provided they are not covered in sauce or butter, they are low in fat and calories.

    Go for the breast of the turkey – it is the leanest part, and avoid the skin.

    If making gravy from the juices, let the fat settle then skim it off.

    Trim the bacon then grill your pigs-in-blankets.


    Try these gluten free pigs-in-blankets from http://www.sheknows.com

    Use low fat milk in bread sauce.

    Roast potatoes are an absolute must for Christmas Day dinner! So our top tip is to cut the potatoes into large pieces as they will absorb less fat than smaller ones.

    Cook your roasties  in olive oil, sunflower or rapeseed oil as these fats contain a fraction of the saturated fat of lard and goose fat.

    Serve Christmas pudding with low fat custard (made from skimmed milk or soya milk) rather than Brandy butter as this will save up to 15g of fat per portion.

    Try using smaller plates and glasses small as this tends to helps limit portion sizes.

    And last but by no means least – Don’t feel guilty about leaving food on the plate – aim to leave the table still feeling comfortable and not like you’re about to burst!

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