• 21 SEP 18
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    Carbs don’t make you fat….!

    …..overeating makes you fat!

    “No Carbs before Marbs”

    We’ve all heard that saying! But what does it really mean? Do we even understand what carbs are? Learn what you should be eating and why, and what to avoid to lose weight, body fat and to feel less bloated!

    Carbohydrates (Carbs) are an essential nutrient that your body and brain use as your main energy source, and any energy that goes unused in the body can be stored as body fat.

    Simple carbs are digested and absorbed quickly and are broken down easily by your body e.g. sweets, biscuits, sugar and white bread and are more likely to cause body fat than complex carbs.

    Complex carbs are harder for your body to break down, which causes them to be digested much more slowly by your system e.g. vegetables, whole grains, fruits and oats.

    Carbs should be reduced slowly over time rather than cutting them out completely to avoid sluggishness, brain fog and sleepless nights.

    • Low carb diets promise weight loss but can cause side effects and not only will you mentally miss familiar foods, your body will seek out quick energy fixes which may lead to over eating the exact things you have cut out!

    • The more you understand about the foods you are eating, the easier it will become to lose weight and keep it off. Starving yourself for days on end to aid weight loss will, in the end, probably cause weight gain!

    If it takes a little longer to lose weight and you manage to keep it off without going hungry, being miserable and no fun to be around, then surely that’s a better option.

    The best diet to be on is the one you don’t know you are on!

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