• 09 SEP 18
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    Change Nothing, Nothing will Change

    Everyone is looking for a quick fix weight loss.  A magic pill, a potion or a shake that will make them lose weight and lose it quickly.  It’s a multi billion pound industry and there is always something new on the market.  If they work, then why are there so many different ones?

    I have struggled with my weight all my life.  I have tried just about everything to lose weight, and you know what?! The answer is right there in front of your face!  Just like it was in front of mine!

    Eat less, move more and be accountable.

    If I continue to eat and drink , live a sedentary lifestyle and just moan about it, then it will stay the same!

    So make a change!  Make more than one!

    • If you think your portion size is too big…..then it is!

    • If you think you eat too much chocolate, cake, crisps (fill in the blank!)….then you do!

    • If you think you drink too much wine or sugary drinks….then you do!

    So make a list and make one change a week, or even better, one change a day, and watch the changes take effect!

    Cut your portions down by using a smaller plate or make your usual amount and put one portion in the freezer for another day.  Just by reducing your calories at each meal in this simple way will help you to lose weight!

    Save the alcohol for the weekend!I know how it feels to get home after a long day at work and head straight for the fridge and that bottle of wine! That first glass disappears quickly! Have you ever thought that maybe you are thirsty, and a big glass of water, in the wine glass if you have to, could save you a few hundred calories a day!

    Sweet treats and potato snacks are so tempting and we often over eat them, mindlessly popping pieces into our mouths without thinking.  I know carrot sticks aren’t quite the same as chocolate, peanuts or Wotsits (can you still even get them!?) but if you are getting ready for your holidays, saving those mindless calorie consumptions could be the difference between feeling good in your shorts and wishing it would rain so you could put your joggers back on!

    So make yourself accountable.  Keep a food and drink diary and be honest!  It may surprise you just how much you really do eat and drink whilst you are at your desk, in your car or waiting for the dinner to be ready.  Try making small changes to your usual habits and every time you head to the kitchen for those evening snacks, do one of those thousand jobs that need doing around the house instead!

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