• 10 DEC 15
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    Christmas de-stress

    Keep active and stress-free

    We’re into the Christmas season now and I can already see the stress starting to show on people around me. What with extra nights out with work colleagues, trying to get all the work done before breaking up for the holidays, what presents to buy!!! The list of stress triggers seem to be endless.

    Being active will help you de-stress and work off those extra calories, so make an effort to fit in a brisk walk as often as possible, even if it’s when your out shopping, and get on that dance floor at Christmas parties! – or go for a workout!

    It may seem like ‘mission impossible’, but make sure you make some time for yourself. It’s important to share the chores so you can take time out to relax – have a luxurious hot bath, cuddle up to watch a great movie, play a board game or read a good book – or book a workout or a coaching session in advance!

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