• 01 DEC 15
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    Christmas Nibbles

    Snacking and picking

    It’s soooo easy and tempting to pick at snacks or grab a mince pie so when you do, try to choose sensible options.

    Take advantage of the healthy cholesterol-lowering snacks around at Christmas such as fresh fruit, nuts and seeds and (a small amount of) dried fruit.

    Take your pick of traditional snacks such as vegetable sticks and dips (dip not scoop!), low fat hummus, pitta bread and oatcakes.

    Christmas cake – keep and eye on the size of the slice!

    If you’re like me and love mince pies, try mincemeat filo parcels as an alternative. They’re cooked with thin sheets of filo pastry instead of standard pastry and can save you up to 8g of fat per portion!

    Swap milk chocolate for dark chocolate. It may not save any calories but it is richer so (usually) the desire to eat more is reduced, and unlike milk chocolate the fat in dark chocolate won’t directly affect your cholesterol levels.

    As I said in my first blog post about Christmas Is Coming the goose is getting fat, but you don’t have to – If you are going to indulge – Reason with yourself and ask, “Is it worth it?”, “Do I really want it? “Do I really want it more than I want to fit into those jeans?!


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