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    Claire’s PW Online Story: The Story So Far

    I am so grateful to Petra for how far I have come


    Claire Kingsley, 30’s – Surrey

    I first contacted Petra for a ‘bit of advice’ at the end of February 2015 with a view to improving my health and wellbeing and in all honestly, figure.  I’ve been teaching Zumba classes for 2 years, but felt it wasn’t quite enough to get me to where I wanted to be.  Petra’s initial advice was to keep a food diary and she pointed me in the direction of some kettlebell exercises I could carry out at home.

    Working full time, doing 5 Zumba classes a week and trying to fit in a personal life means there’s not much time for much else.  But I was determined to stick with it.

    Having realised that my food intake wasn’t particularly as ‘healthy’ as I thought it was, I started to make some small changes here and there whilst continuing with the kettlebells and a few other weight exercises she threw at me.

    I kept in touch with Petra for a couple of months, only via Facebook chats every so often.  But I knew things were starting to change with my physique when someone mentioned my arms looking trimmer.

    I went and saw Petra for a group session later on in the year where we went through a lot of exercises I could do at home, this was invaluable – especially the form correction and more personalised exercises to suit my specific needs.

    I am now using the app which is great for me.  Petra sets me an online programme with videos to show me what the exercises are meant to look like and the number of reps, sets and weight I need to be using, based on the equipment I have available to me.  This is ideal for me as making time to go to the gym is pretty much out of the question, so I choose to do either a whole programme, parts of one, or mix and match what I feel I can do that day.  Petra can then see what I have done and make comments or suggestions about what to do next.  If I’m stuck with a particular part, I can message her for help.

    Bearing in mind that since early March I have only seen Petra once and spoken to her via online messaging quite sporadically, I have lost just over a stone in weight and toned up like I never thought was possible.  All of this from afar – imagine what she could do if I could get see her more often!

    I made Petra my accountability person.  If I am a bit naughty or feel I have been lazy, I feel guilty for letting her down.  This is what has kept me most motivated.  The thought of her reading my food diary has made me rethink my relationship with food and what I am eating and why.

    I have to also say, that each and every time I have contacted Petra, she has always been more than willing to respond and offer up some advice or to perhaps steer me back onto the right path.  We all have off days, we all know that, but I’m starting to find that I have less and less of those.

    I feel stronger, healthier and more energetic and that’s all thanks to Petra taking time out of her day to coach me, I am so grateful to her for how far I have come already.

    I’m now looking forward to taking on 2016!

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