• 09 APR 16
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    Claire’s PW Online Story: A year on

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    So it’s now been pretty much a year since I decided that I needed to make some lifestyle changes.  My overall diet has more or less had a complete overhaul, not that I ate particularly bad generally meal wise, but sweet snacks were a problem for me.  My eating is now a lot more consistent and cravings are now to a minimum, although sometimes a bit of cake just can’t be helped!  I’m definitely not eating as much chocolate or sweet things as I was before and am making more conscious choices about what I eat.

    With regards to the training, having a regularly updated plan keeps things fresh and interesting which means that it doesn’t get boring at all.  I love it when I get a training programme update and watch the video and think ‘how on earth does she think I can do that?!’ and then getting the hang of it myself!  And if I’m really stuck, Petra is always on hand to answer any questions and everything she suggests is absolutely achievable.
    Being able to work off the mobile app is brilliant as it means that I can work at a pace comfortable to me and that I can go anywhere and use it.  It has become my most favourite hobby!  I love getting home from work and slinging on my gym gear and spending anything from 20 minutes to an hour or so working out, depending on how much time I have.  It’s a great feeling knowing that you can do something at home with simple bits of equipment that makes such a big difference.

    Combining the strength training and different exercises with teaching my Zumba classes has obviously made an immense difference to my body and I feel so much healthier and generally better for adding extra things to my daily routine.  It is now definitely part of my routine and has become something that I can’t wait to get on with, rather than being something that is a chore, which is where I worried slightly in the beginning.  I feel so good afterwards though, that it’s never difficult to get on and do something!

    People have obviously noticed a massive difference in my appearance, even I’m gobsmacked sometimes when I compare photos a year apart, especially as I didn’t think I looked too bad beforehand.  It is definitely a lifestyle change, rather than a quick fix option.  Another thing I have noticed is that I suffer from general backache quite often, and that doesn’t seem to be as regular as it has been in the past.

    I feel so much happier, healthier and stronger and want to carry on making a better me for the sake of my health, more than for the sake of what I look like – although to be honest, being able to fit into a slinky dress is definitely a bonus side effect!

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