• 21 SEP 18
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    Cut out the CRAP!


    Some food and drinks contain zero nutritional value and are full of empty calories. And they could be helping you to get fat, store fat and stay fat!

    So if you want to lose some weight, shift some flab and feel better then read on!

    Carbonated drinks can contain sugar and lots of it. Some have as many as 9 teaspoons of sugar in one can. Imagine how many extra calories you could be having just in a drink!

    Refined sugars are hidden in a lot of food and drinks that we might think are healthy.  Learn about food labels and opt for products with less sugar.

    Artificial sweeteners have had a hard time in the press and are accused of all sorts of health risks. Apart from that it has also been said that sweeteners can make you gain weight by causing you to crave other sugary products so you may be doing more harm than good by consuming them.

    Processed foods are anything taken from its natural source and put through a factory process (think chicken breast to chicken nugget!). So before you buy it, and eat it, think about how it was made and where it came from.

    • The more CRAP you eat the more you want! Your tastebuds will crave the flavours and make more healthy choices less appealing

    • Think of the money you will save! How many times a week are you nipping to the shops for snacks and fast food? Save it all up ready for your new wardrobe!

    Give it a go!  Cut out the CRAP for a week and feel more energetic, sleep better, look less bloated and watch your skin tone improve!

    Oh and lose weight!!

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