• 11 OCT 18
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    Eat Fat to Lose Fat!


    Eat Fat to Lose Fat!

    This statement alone terrifies most people. We have been told for years that low fat is the way to eat, but is that really the right way? In general, low fat means high sugar! And that’s why we crave these extremely well marketed products, and also why they are making us fat!

    Fat – good fat (un-saturated) – can boost your metabolism and help you to lose weight.

    Fat is less easy to digest so it makes you feel full and satiated for longer which helps avoid snacking.

    Fat is needed for the body to absorb some key vitamins properly and if these vitamins are deficient it can lead to dry skin, blindness, brittle bones and muscle pains.

    Fat – good fat – is found in coconut oil, avocados, oily fish e.g. salmon, olive oil, almonds, seeds and eggs to name a few.

    • Not all fat is equal! Avoid ‘bad’ fat (trans fat) which is found in pastries, cakes, pizzas and many other processed foods. Limit saturated fats found in red meat, butter and cheese and make sure you monitor the amount of good fat you are eating.
    • Fat contains more calories than protein and carbs, and is delicious therefore it’s easy to overeat. Those calories can add up quickly so make sure you count them!

    Avoid low fat products. They are usually full of carbs and hidden sugars, and will not satisfy you and may be making you fat! Stock up on good fats and add some to your meals to create the right balance between protein, carbs and fat.

    You will feel satisfied, full of energy and sleep better…what’s not to love about that!


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