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    Eating More Protein Helps You to Lose Weight!

    I’m sure you have heard of the Atkins or Paleo diets, also known as caveman dieting, and I bet you know someone that lost loads of weight on them too!

    The trouble with these ‘diets’ is the low carb element (we looked at carbs and the importance of them last time!) and the health risks involved. So how can we take these diets and make them work for us, encouraging long term weight loss and maintaining a healthy balanced diet?

    Protein is a necessary part of your diet and eating a balanced diet that includes healthy sources of protein may be helpful in controlling your weight.

    Protein requires more calories to digest than carbohydrates or fat and it also has a steady effect on blood sugar, which can help you stave off hunger for longer.

    Protein rich foods include meat, fish, cheese, tofu, beans, lentils, yogurt, eggs, nuts and seeds.

    Protein portions should be approximately the size of your palm and eaten two to three times per day.

    • We have already learned that we need to burn more calories than we need to lose weight, so it makes sense to eat more protein rich foods to reduce hunger and boost metabolism.

    • Protein-rich foods keep us fuller for longer, are more satiating, encourage tissue repair and growth and taste good too!

    Make sure you are including plenty of protein throughout your day but not at the expense of carbohydrate and fats. A well-balanced diet will help you to lose weight and keep it off, feel energised, look better and sleep well.

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