So much more than just personal training!

Taking a haphazard approach to your health & fitness will often lead to poor or limited results. Using an experienced & professional coach with the knowledge not only to develop a workout routine to suit your lifestyle, but to help boost your confidence and increase your self esteem, assess your likes and dislikes and to advise you about your nutrition will most certainly help you to achieve your goals.

* See results sooner 

* Boost confidence

* Increase self esteem

* Avoid injury

* Lose fat & gain muscle

* Break through plateaus

* Set realistic goals

* Be accountable

* Keep constantly challenged

* Create lifelong habits

One to one coaching and personal training is for those who really want to achieve the best results.

If you feel intimidated by large gyms and want to work in a private personal environment then Perpetual Wellbeing is the place for you.

If you want a results driven individual program designed by a mature, professional and experienced coach with a proven track record then Perpetual Wellbeing is the place for you.

By focussing on mindset, form and technique your coach will help you achieve the results your desire with a program suited to your goals.

Perpetual Wellbeing offers one to one and semi private coaching

Perpetual Wellbeing’s Online App helps you to stay on track in between studio visits with home workouts and nutrition support.

We provide water and towels and there is free on site parking.

Book a telephone consultation by clicking the link below or

call us on 01527 877622 for more information.

One to One Coaching

Our exclusive private studio is for those who prefer to exercise alone and in complete privacy with a results driven personal coach.

You will work closely with your coach creating a personalised program which will progress overtime developing your form and technique and resulting in you reaching your goals.

You will have the opportunity to discuss any other issues with your coach, whether they be work, home or self development to help you be the best you.

Our coaching methods focus on increasing self confidence, strength and fitness and helping our clients to live healthier and happier lives.

Semi-Private Coaching

We recognise that not everyone can afford one to one training and that the company of others can be a motivating, encouraging, challenging and rewarding experience.

In our Semi Private Coaching sessions you will receive the same individual personalised program, with the same professional, mature, experienced coach but share the session, and the cost, with up to three other people.

Each person will be doing their own individual program working towards their goals with the coach managing the session and guiding everyone through their workout.

We can achieve anything if we put the effort in

Phil & Shula, 40’ish – Bromsgrove

Since meeting Petra in April 2015 and starting couples training our lives have changed so much for the better.

We were at breaking point trying to cope with the daily stresses of running a business, looking after our family, trying to cope with the sadness of bereavement and battling with our continued weight issues.

Petra is a “natural motivator” and has taught us that we can achieve anything if we put the effort in and the rewards have come back tenfold.

My husband Phil has lost a magnificent three stone and I have dropped three dress sizes which we are immensely proud.

She is not only our Personal Trainer now as she has also become our friend.  Long may our weight loss and friendship continue!

Thanks Petra and keep up the wonderful work! Shula & Phil x


Phil & Shula Witherford
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