Here at Perpetual Wellbeing Fitness Centre we offer Partner Training to help you tone up, lose weight and feel great too.

In our exclusive, safe and private environment, you will work with one of our expert Personal Trainers who will guide and coach you alongside your partner, a friend or member of your family. Exercising with a partner is cost effective, motivating, encouraging and adds an element of competition!

* Learn how to make healthier food choices

* Feel more body confident

* Increase your self esteem

* Lose unwanted body fat

* Have more energy

During our personally tailored fun & friendly sessions you will take part in exercises according to you and your partner’s abilities even if you are at different levels, learn about healthy eating and how to make better lifestyle choices to achieve your individual goals.

At home you can access the workouts and healthy eating advice through the Perpetual Wellbeing Online App.

Package prices available, starting from £40 per hour!

We provide water and towels and there is free on site parking.

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