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    Jenny’s Blog Week 3

    I put the disappointment of the scales behind me, and focus on one day at a time.

    I am still having cereal for breakfast, which I know is through convenience and lack of planning, so I make sure that I have eggs and bacon cooked to bring to work, lunch generally consists of chicken and salad which I spice up with different seasonings, and tea is a variation of chicken and salad or vegetables.

    My sugar cravings are at an all time high, and I am struggling at times to distract myself. I have found that sugar free jelly really helps when I have to have something.

    I had my first big test on Friday since starting this journey, a night out at the local. I planned to have 2 drinks, ended up having 6, and then going for an Indian meal. I made good choices food wise, but I now realise that it is still too early for me to manage my alcohol intake.

    My training session on Saturday was also ruined due to being tired and hungover, and then I was searching through the cupboards for the rest of the day.

    Overall, training is getting a little bit easier, my body is getting stronger, and the shape is changing rapidly.

    Weight loss this week 1.4 kilos.

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