• 24 NOV 15
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    Jenny’s Blog Week 4

    This week I had 2 offsite meetings, in my experience, food is always limited to sandwiches and crisps, or something deep fried, so I got organized and took tubs of chicken salad and cooked chicken fajita mix with me.

    I am glad I did, as the food was as expected, and I am really proud of myself for making the effort.

    Sugar cravings are still quite bad though, but I have found that the best way to distract myself is cooking and planning my food for the next week.

    I have started to get a little shaky during training, and I am physically exhausted in the mornings, even after 8 hours sleep. Petra suggested eating carbs before I train, either porridge for breakfast, or a few tablespoons of rice for lunch with my salad.

    Weight loss for the week is 1.3 kilos, extremely pleased.

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