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    Jenny’s Blog Week 5

    After 4 weeks, I have started to look back at my food diary, and I am starting to see patterns.

    I get hungry 2 hours after breakfast and 2 hours after lunch, I use nuts and dried beans as snacks, bread is starting to creep in, and I raid the cupboards as soon as I get home.

    Solution: break down my meals.

    So this week, I am trying to have smaller meals more often, to replace the nuts and snacks I have been using. It’s not easy, as it goes against the “3 meals a day” that was drummed into me as a kid.

    Friday night was another night down the local, this time I was ready, I had a small meal before going to the pub, stuck to soda water while I was there, and then had tea ready and waiting when we got home… result!!

    Feel like something clicked this week, good food choices felt easier, and I am starting to feel really happy with what I am doing.

    I wore a pair of jeans this week that were tight me just 2 weeks ago, now they are too big.

    Training 3 times a week is changing my body fast, I can see it and feel it.

    No weight loss this week, but the changes in my body shape more than make up for it.

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