• 06 DEC 15
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    Jenny’s Blog Week 6

    Month end week!  The busiest and most stressful time of the month, on the 2nd day I had a nightmare.  I ate 3 rice cakes all day, how on earth am I supposed to function on that!!  No wonder I am tired and irritable!!

    The day after I had a headache and my stomach was really uncomfortable whenever I eat anything, my portions are larger because I feel so hungry, not ideal.

    Overall, I am now getting more variety in my food, and I am beginning to understand the concept of clean eating so much more, and I can see it’s not at all as restrictive as I first thought.

    I am cooking a lot more from scratch now, and everything tastes so much better than the processed food I was eating.

    Saturday night I was home alone, I planned ahead what I would be eating, what DVD’s I was going to watch, and what time I was going to bed!!

    It sounds so regimented, but actually it was a relief, I felt in control, I had homemade humous and prepared vegetables at the ready, and I didn’t need them.

    I enjoyed the “me” time and didn’t miss the snacks, real sense of achievement.

    The next morning I walked 4 miles across country, my recovery was fast, my legs felt strong, I was barely out of breath once.  The training is really paying off now.

    Loss this week is 1.6kgs, over the moon!!

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