• 15 DEC 15
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    Jenny’s Blog Week 7

    I’m finding good food choices are becoming 2nd nature now.  In meetings this week, I have requested gluten free options. On the one day where this wasn’t possible I stopped at the services on the way to the meeting and bought a ham and egg salad and a packet of turkey breast.  Sure enough, the buffet consisted of sandwiches and chips, so I was glad I had thought ahead and taken clean food.

    This week I wore a pair of trousers to work that I have not worn in 2 years.  They fitted around my tummy okay, but they were a bit big everywhere else.  This didn’t stop the comments at work, a few people commented on how slim I looked and how good I looked in the trousers!!

    On top of my training this week, I also went on a 14 mile bike ride.  I went out hard and fast, and managed most of the hills, but I did have to keep stopping to get my breath back.  My legs are much stronger now, I just need to work on my stamina and cardio.  I was super excited though, as I wore my new cycling bib which I have had for nearly a year which has always been too small… not anymore!!!

    I am continuing experimenting with my food choices, this week I tried a Hairy Dieters recipe for Lamb Dhansak with cauliflower recipe.  Even better than an Indian restaurant, it was delicious, and I feel so good about eating it, because I know it’s completely clean and cooked from scratch.

    Small weight loss of this week of 0.5kg

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