• 21 DEC 15
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    Jenny’s Blog Week 8

    I have looked at my meal times this week, and identified that I am eating breakfast too late in the day, and then as a result I am snacking through the afternoon, and then I am eating my tea too late.

    Talking to Petra, I have also realised that I am getting a little bit complacent, and bad habits are slipping back into my food.  Portion sizes are getting bigger, I am snacking more using rice cakes to fill me up, and I am not measuring my food.  So I have gone back to basics, referred to my food diary, and cleaned up all my food.

    Within just 3 days, I already feel better.  I am less bloated, and I can see more of a change in my body shape again, my arms and legs looking more toned.  It just goes to show the approach works!

    I am feeling a little frustrated this week as I feel like my weight loss is stalling, despite dropping another 1.7kgs this week. 

    My eating habits have changed massively, I can see the dramatic change in my body shape, but my weight loss just seems disproportionate to the number of inches lost.


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